Interior House Painting

We have many excellent references who will speak to our character as well as our abilities to safely and efficiently take care of any interior house painting you may need done in the Gainesville, Florida area.

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Exterior House Painting

Any fool can paint the outside of a house. Maybe you've noticed. But what about the proper surface preparation? That's where we separate the professionals from the amateurs.

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Office & Commercial

While many folks in the greater Gainesville, Florida, area know us as top-notch professional house painters, they're often pleasantly surprised to discover we also paint offices as well.

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We specialize in putting good energy into your home or office.

Different colors have different effects upon you.

Take a look around yourself right now. What are the colors you see, saying about you?

You want to be surrounded by your power colors.

I can help you select the colors that allow you to express yourself


Whew! How did we get to be so world acclaimed at putting magic on the walls?

Elves. Small invisible elves working silently and tirelessly with us to accomplish almost any job you can imagine.

Or, it could be that between the two of us, we have almost seventy years experience in the home improvement field. Now that’s scary! It almost makes me wish we did have elves, than to think about how old we are.

But we’re spry. Amazingly spry.